Lifestyle Design & Peak Performance For [High-Functioning] Entrepreneurs

Natasha Wiscombe talking about the power of travel for health optimization and productivity at Wind For the Futures in South America

Natasha Wiscombe is available for podcasts, conferences & retreats to discuss:▪️ How To Become More "Batteries Included" By Focusing on Your Mitochondrial Health
▪️ Lessons from Healers Around The World: Filming "The Wellness Traveler"
▪️ "A Case Against "Over-Optimization"
▪️ How Water Sports Can Be Used to Heal the Nervous System, Improve Happiness & Productivity
▪️ Presence, Productivity & Play: How to Find Balance at Extremes
▪️ Integrative Aesthetics: Internal & External Health Stacks to Improve Our Hair, Skin & Body Composition
▪️ Lifestyle & Environmental Design for Peak Performance
▪️ Entrepreneur Operating System: Stacking Systems Across Health, Wealth & Work
Chief Executive and Visionary at the Wellness Brand Accelerator, Natasha is a dynamic industry leader, taking innovation through execution across product, content and growth. With a diverse but interconnected focus across biohacking, healthspan, health optimization, wellness travel, digital health, Web 3, and CPG. Her pioneering work has been instrumental in building influential health-focused ecosystems that span IRL and URL, as well as scaling disruptive startups.An active scientific researcher, educator & health coach focused on Peak Performance, Longevity & Aesthetics, she also leads course dev & programming at Peptide Courses which integrates lifestyle design, lab analysis, peptides & more.
Health coaching is currently offered.
Through The Wellness Travel Co. Natasha seamlessly blends barefoot luxury, wellness retreats, startup travel, and water sports - opening up a world of exclusive hotel benefits & experiences to clients. Her unique services cultivate an unparalleled travel experience that focuses on whole-human health.Committed to sharing her expertise, Natasha curates the Wellhacking newsletter, empowering readers with practical insights to enrich their personal and professional lives. The newsletter navigates the complexities of wellness, wealth, work, and travel, encouraging holistic life optimization through what she calls "actionable optimization".Natasha's 2024 Agenda:
▪️ Connecting hotels, centers & third spaces to strategic partners; meanwhile, crafting health optimization programming that delivers member excitement, value & revenue.
▪️ Opening a first-of-its-kind social wellness membership club in the Hamptons, NY. Currently in stealth.
▪️ Launching a best-in-class sunlight & vitamin D calculator, June 2024.
▪️ Helping make healthspan accessible as VP of Business Development for Lifespanning
▪️ Launching A Tribe Called Whealth podcast focusing on what's resonated at Wellhacking.
▪️ Continuing to connect patients to vetted experts through Find a Peptide Doctor.
Natasha's 2023 Agenda:
▪️ Traveling throughout South America, filming the Wellness Traveler series for YouTube & kitesurfing in remote towns.
▪️ Preparing Peptide Courses , a groundbreaking self-educational and coaching platform for health optimization enthusiasts. She currently health coaches clients across mitochondria, de-aging, aesthetics & much more.
▪️ Exploring the Remote Wellness Economy Whealth.Work
▪️ Establishing a global ecosystem for healers to find meaningful work, irregardless of location.
▪️ As a certified Animal Flow Instructor, PT, Corrective Exercises & more with a Dual B.S. in Kinesiology & Psychology, Natasha is equipped to teach movement flows and educate on healing the nervous system through exercise during on-site workshops.

Natasha Wiscombe kitesurfing in Brazil